Knowledgeable Youth: Open Forum with Dr. des. Fabian Baumann


Together with Eurozine and Radio Orange, RECET is realizing its very first youth project: reaching out to (disadvantaged) youngsters living in Vienna and introducing them to the professional world of academic research and science communication.


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In this workshop series, we are working with a group of Ukrainian youngsters who became refugees at the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion and who are going to school in Vienna. Participants learn the basics of how scientific research is done, how it is brought to paper in the form of academic texts and circulated in professional circles and within the general public. We discuss what motivates the youngsters to (learn how to) read academic texts and what discourages them from acessing scientific knowledge.

At this project stage, the youngsters have prepared a meeting with a researcher of the University of Vienna and are encountering him in a self-chosen format. The youngsters have read Fabian Baumann's article Choosing Ukrainian, then and now and formulated questions of understanding; they have prepared a short presentation, hoping to get feedback on its content and style from the researcher; and they have requested to learn more about the researcher's personality, professional life as a scientist, and how he spends his days at the university. Fabian Baumann will reply to that request in an interactive format. 

Date: Tuesday, 16 May 2023
Time: 12:30 – 14:00
Venue: Seminar Room 3, Oskar-Morgenstern-Platz 1, 1090 Vienna, Austria

Project coordinator (RECET) and Open Forum facilitator: Irena Remestwenski
Project coordinator (Eurozine): Anna Klein
Youth group: Educational Hub "Free People", founder Iryna Khamayko
Organisational assistance & PR: Leonid Motz

The event will be held in English.
Please let us know if you can join at recet(at) or office(at)

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