Labor Relations and Transformation “From Below”

Transformation as we define it is a macro-level process with micro-level consequences. Understanding the “great transformation” thus involves examining the many “little transformations” that shape the everyday lives of people. A key site of such changes is the workplace. The transformation of labor relations in the shift from state socialism to capitalism, but also in the context of neoliberalization more generally, is of particular interest for the work of RECET. Since 2016, the center’s first nucleus has been developing a comparative project on large enterprises, with a special focus on shipbuilding. As a symbol of both socialist and capitalist high modernity and global in orientation and competition, the sector lends itself particularly well to global comparisons, especially between Eastern Europe and East Asia. But this research area is also open to the study of other sectors of the economy, as well as other segments of society where it is possible to observe transformation processes “from below.”