Transformation in Eastern Germany on the example of VEB Werk für Fernsehelektronik

Dominik Stegmayer’s research project aims to provide a multidimensional view–'from above' as well as 'from below'–at the economic and social transformation of the former GDR through the case study of the VEB Werk für Fernsehelektronik, until 1989 the largest industrial factory of East-Berlin occupying nearly 9 000 employees.

This multidisciplinary approach intends to bring business history, statistical micro- and macroeconomic analysis and business analysis as well as Oral History together. This mix of methods will help to better understand the complex problems and consequences–on economic and on individual level–of the economic merger of East Germany into the market society of West Germany, which in itself underwent a period of liberalisation, deregulation and increasing exposure to global markets.