Dr. Oksana Denys
Ukraine Fellow

Dr. Oksana Denys
Ukraine Fellow

Oksana Denys worked as a Professor at the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic  Institute and International University of Finance. Previously, she worked as a Research Officer at the Institute of Regional Research (The National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine). Oksana was a member of the working group of several international projects supported by the Global Compact UN in Ukraine, International Finance Corporation and others. First in Ukraine she developed a Masters course on “Corporate governance in banks” and wrote a peer-reviewed text published with the assistance of IFC experts.

Research Interests:

  • Migration
  • Investment and cross-border capital flows
  • Corporate governance and history of the development of corporative relationships in Ukraine
  • Corporate conflicts in banking

Current Research Project:

“Impacts of Ukrainian Refugees on the Social and Economic Life of Austria”

The research proposal deals with a study of the positive and negative impacts of Ukrainian refugees on the social and economic life of Austria. The way in which Austria deals with the migration of Ukrainian refugees has a profound effect on the extent to which migration will make an impact of its social and economic life. On the one hand, migration can benefit the country due to its substantial contribution to the Austrian economy. On the other hand, taking in such a large number of Ukrainian refugees can create numerous challenges, risks, and uncertainties for Austria. Furthermore, the process of migration of Ukrainian refugees is not simple or straightforward owing to the temporary character of migration, different legal status of Ukrainian refugees, the predominance of women with children among refugees and the uncertainties related to the war. While the scale of the refugees influx is unprecedented, there are past lessons that can be informative in order to make the burden lighter. Investigation of features of Ukrainian migration in Austria and considering the best practices of the integration of refugees can be the perfect information source in finding balance the needs of both refugees and host community.

Selected Publications:


Denys O. (2016). Corporate Conflicts in Banking Sector: Financial Conditions And Regulatory Mechanisms: monograph. - Kyiv: SHEI “University of Banking Business", 2016. - 334 pp. (in Ukrainian)

Denys O. (2006). Corporate Governance in Banks. Educational textbook. Lviv: LBI NBU, 2006.- 222 p. (in Ukrainian)


Denys O. (2019) [with Smovzhenko T., Lyutyy I.] Corporate Governance in the State-owned Banks. //Financial and Credit Activities: Problems of Theory and Practice . –2019. – Vol.2, No 29. – С. 73-79 (Web of Science)

Denys O. (2018) [with Smovzhenko T.] Transaction Costs as Financial Prerequisites of Economic Conflicts. // Financial and Credit Activities: Problems of Theory and Practice. 2018. Vol. 102-110 (Web of Science)

Denys O. (2019) [with Tustanovskyi Y, Plieshakova N.] The Corporate Governance Reforms of The State-Owned Banks. Ukraine // European Cooperation, 2019. Vol. No43.