Johanna Jaschik, M.Ed.
Associated Researcher

Johanna Jaschik, M.Ed.
Associated Researcher

Johanna Jaschik (M. Ed.) is a Doctoral Researcher at the Luxembourg Centre for Contemporary and Digital History (C2DH) at the University of Luxembourg focusing on the history of transformations in Central and Eastern European borderlands. Currently, she is a visiting researcher at RECET.

Research Interests:

  • History of borders and borderlands in Eastern Europe
  • History of Ukrainian and Polish borderlands in post-socialist time and space 
  • Oral History
  • History of Ukrainian Nationalism

Current Research Project:

"Talking Borders, Telling History – Border Perceptions from Post-Socialist Central and Eastern Europe" (working title)

Based on oral history reports from borderland inhabitants in Central and Eastern Europe, this comparative and interdisciplinary PhD project aims to shed light on how state borders are perceived and experienced by inhabitants from different post-socialist border regions, and what role the phantom of their socialist past plays in post-socialist time.The project is based on data from a Citizen Science experiment ‘Talking Borders – From Local Expertise to Global Exchange’ that was conducted at the Second World Conference of the Association of Borderlands Studies in 2018 in Vienna and Budapest.


Jaschik, Johanna and Machteld Venken. ‘Dialoguing Borders in the Post-Soviet Space through Citizen Science – Ukrainian Borderland Perspectives’, in Von Löwis, Sabine and Beate Eschment (eds.), Post-Soviet Borders: A Kaleidoscope of Shifting Lives and Lands. Routledge Edited Volume (in peer review).

Jaschik, Johanna. Book Review: Christian Wille and Birte Nienaber (eds.), Border Experiences in Europe. Everyday Life – Working Life – Communication – Languages, Baden-Baden: Nomos, 2020. Hemecht: Zeitschrift für Luxemburger Geschichte 73 (2) (2021), 251–254.

Jaschik, Johanna. ‘The Significance of 20th Century Ukrainian Nationalism for the All-Ukrainian Union Svoboda: A Case-Study on Russia’, in Drozd, Roman and Bohdan Halczak (eds.), Ukraińcy i ich sąsiedzi na przestrzeni wieków t. II (Conference Paper), Warsaw 2021, 497–509.