CENTRAL Workshop: Towards a Central European Doctoral School in Modern History

The workshop will discuss contemporary issues and questions in 20th century modern European history, based primarily on comparative and transnational perspectives. The term transformation and a Polanyian take on it will create the main theoretical framework of the workshop as it enables analyzing social, economic, and cultural changes in a longer perspective in different parts of Europe and beyond with a global framework. Furthermore, the history of transformations encompasses various disciplines, from history to sociology, anthropology, or economics, and contributes to interdisciplinary research in the field. 

There are three main aims of the workshop: (1) to raise the quality of Ph.D. programs in modern history and neighbouring social sciences by strengthening the exchange of knowledge, ideas, and skills among Ph.D. students as well as senior researchers in the field; (2) to foster the cooperation between three Central European universities (Charles University in Prague, University of Vienna, and University of Warsaw) and (3) to continue our discussion and preparation of a European doctoral school in modern history (by then, our doc.funds application at the FWF will hopefully be positvely evaluated; independently of that we would like to explore EU formats. However, that would require to create a consortium based on and going beyond our trilateral partnership.)

The two-day workshop will take place in Vienna and will be joined by four senior researchers and 10-12 PhD students from partner universities. The event is organized by Prof. Philipp Ther and Prof. Claudia Kraft at the University of Vienna, Prof. Ota Konrád (Charles University), and Prof. Jerzy Kochanowski (University of Warsaw). 

Planned presentations:

The Concept of Territorial Autonomy in the Context of the Versailles Peace Negotiations
Veronika Homolová

The Paradigm of "Catching Up": The Neoliberal Turn in Moldova after the Collapse of the Soviet Union
Kateřina Fuksová

Governing Integration Policies in a Multi-Level Setting: The Case of Austria and Czechia
Anna Lukešová

In Between ‘Fundamental Politicization’ and Politics of Détente: Diasporic Spaces of Female Polish Exiles in West German History of Democracy (1967-1993)
Cäcilia Wosnitzka

Johannes Kleinmann