Opening Lecture: Radical Togetherness and Non-Binarism for Caring, Sharing and Survival

Opening lecture of the “Dubravka Ugrešić Lecture Series” and the ERC-funded project HERESSEE “The History of Feminist Political Thought and Women’s Rights Discourses in East Central Europe 1929-2001”

Date: 11th October 2023
Time: 17.00
Location: Aula am Campus, Altes AKH, Hof 1, Spittalgasse 2-4, 1090 Wien

In this paper, I understand the gender and cold war binaries as one and the same system of binaries. I noticed the erasure of alternatives, projects, narratives, translations and languages through a dichotomy dialectics, especially after 1989. One of the many agents of erasure is universalism: in many cases, what we get through the universalisation of a dichotomic nationalist paradigm relying on misogyny, is only the overinflated provincializing of the said nationalism. Whatever comes as the carrier or a representative of patriarchal hegemony, is the overinflating provincializing of historically dominant masculinity, usually bound to nationalism. This happens in a world where accepted and generalised gender discrimination is constitutive of the general non-egalitarian system of nation states, and is proposed as a pattern sustaining all other inequalities and injustices. This must stop, not only for the sake of women.

The lecture is followed by a reception.

Rada Iveković is a philosopher living and working in Paris. She taught philosophy at universities in Yugoslavia and France, and was visiting professor at many other universities around the world and across several continents. She attends conferences and publishes within feminist theory, political philosophy, Asian and western philosophies, on such topics as the nation, citizenship, sex and gender, migrations, and many others. Her latest two books: Politiques de la traduction. Exercices de partage (TERRA-HN, 2019) and Migration, New Nationalisms and Populism. An Epistemological Perspective on the Closure of Rich Countries (Birkbeck Law Press, Routledge 2022)

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Event funded by the ERC-StG HERESSEE

Hosted by RECET – Research Center for the History of Transformations and the Institute for Contemporary History, University of Vienna.

Partners of the Dubravka Ugrešić Lecture Series: Chair for South Slavic Literature at the University of Vienna, SOG (Südosteuropa-Gesellschaft) Zweigstelle Wien, the Department of Gender Studies and the Yugo-Region Research Group of the Central European University.