Everyday World Governance: Soviet Citizens and International Organizations During the Cold War

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Based on his new book, Reds in Blue: UNESCO, World Governance, and the Soviet Internationalist Imagination Dr. Porter’s talk will explore Soviet relations with UNESCO to present a novel way of thinking about the role of the UN in the Soviet experience of the Cold War. Highlighting the forgotten stories of Soviet citizens who contributed to the nuts-and-bolts operations and lesser-known activities of world governance, the talk will illustrate the UN’s importance for a group of Soviet "one-worlders," who used the world body to imagine and work for a better world amidst the realities of the Cold War.

Louis Howard Porter is an Assistant Professor of History at Texas State University. His research explores the Soviet Union's role in the world, particularly during the post-1945 period. He is the author of Reds in Blue: UNESCO, World Governance, and the Soviet Internationalist Imagination  (Oxford University Press, 2023). His work has also been published in The Russian Review  and Slavic Review