Migration Reading Group

Migration and transformation as topics matter deeply in the contemporary world as migration, mobility, and all forms of exchange that they cause, affect not only those who migrate but societies as a whole. Founded in February 2021 by Dr. Thuc Linh Nguyen Vu and Prof. Dr. Jannis Panagiotidis, the Reading Group on Migration and Mobility at RECET aims to historicize and unpack the social and historical relevance of migration, and the myriad ways through which it manifests itself. Building on RECET’s profile, we wish to strengthen the scholarly interest in migration, transfers and mobilities at the University of Vienna in relation to the complex dynamics of political transformation and social exchanges in an interconnected world. As a platform for advancing our knowledge and understanding of the history and present of migration and mobility, their patterns, dynamics, and outcomes, the goal of our research group on migration, mobility, and economic transformation is to bring together all those at RECET, and beyond, with related research interests.We meet once a month to discuss new developments of the field and once per term invite scholars working on migration for a public talk.

Contact person: linh.nguyen-vu(at)univie.ac.at.