Episode 19: Europe: Liberty, Solidarity, Power

United Europe has many dimensions. In the history of European unification, liberal projects of economic integration have coexisted and competed with ideas of social justice & solidarity, but also of Europe as a power. In this episode, RECET's Scientific Director Jannis Panagiotidis discusses the book "Europe contre Europe: Entre liberté, solidarité et puissance" with its author Laurent Warlouzet.

Laurent Warlouzet is professor at Paris Sorbonne University, chair of European history. A former postdoctoral fellow at the European University Institute and at the London School of Economics, he has published a book entitled "Governing Europe in a Globalized World. Neolibearlism and its Alternatives after 1973" (Routledge 2018). Based on British, French, German and EU archives, it explores the debate between social-democratic, neoliberal and neomercantilist policies in Western Europe between 1973 and 1986. He has also published on the history of competition and industrial policies.