Episode 49: Radio and Politics in Czechoslovakia

What does radio tell us about state socialism and the post-1945 history of Czechoslovakia? In this episode, Rosamund Johnston tells Jelena Đureinović about radio and politics in socialist Czechoslovakia, highlighting the role of radio reporters and reception among listeners and discussing the contemporary implications of the study of Cold War radio.

Check out Rosie's newest book "Red Tape. Radio and Politics in Czechoslovakia, 1945-1969" published with Stanford University Press.

Rosamund Johnston is the Principal Investigator of Linking Arms: Central Europe´s Weapons Industries, 1954-1994 at RECET. She is the author of Red Tape: Radio and Politics in Czechoslovakia, 1945-1969 which appeared with Stanford University Press in March 2024. Her research has been published in Central European History and a number of edited volumes. She has also written for the Journal of Cold War Studies, East Central Europe, Harvard Ukrainian Studies, Scottish newspaper The National, and public broadcaster Czech Radio. Johnston is the author of one book of public history, Havel in America: Interviews with American Intellectuals, Politicians, and Artists, released by Czech publisher Host in 2019.