Episode 48: Intra-Yugoslav Albanian Migration during Socialism

The always growing knowledge production about socialist Yugoslavia has not sufficiently or adequately addressed the histories of Albanians in Yugoslavia. During the socialist period, many Albanians migrated in search of work from Kosovo and Macedonia to other parts of Yugoslavia, mostly to the country's northwest. In this episode, Rory Archer (RECET/Research Plattform "Transfromations and Eastern Europe") tells Jelena Đureinović (RECET) about the social history of Yugoslav Albanian labour migration during socialism, focusing on its background, perception, and the heterogeneous nature of the Albanian micro-communities across Yugoslavia.

Dr. Rory Archer is a social historian of 20th century Southeast Europe whose work focuses on labour history and gender history in socialism, housing, everyday life and popular culture. He leads a research project about the intra-Yugoslav Albanian migration funded by the Austrian Science Foundation at the University of Graz.