Episode 47: SPECIAL ISSUE. Knowledgeable Youth

Over the past year and a half, RECET has carried out its very first youth project titled "Knowledgeable Youth: Science Communication in Times of War". Together with our partners Eurozine and Radio Orange, we reached out to Ukrainian refugee youngsters living in Vienna and invited them to get to know the world of academic research and science communication. You are listening to the first of four podcast episodes produced by Ukrainian youths who arrived in Vienna following the start of the Russian invasion. The youngsters interview the founder of their school Iryna Khamayko and share insights into their lives and diverse school experiences after arriving in Vienna as refugees.

Project lead (RECET): Irena Remestwenski
Project lead (Eurozine): Carine Chen
Youngsters: FREE PEOPLE School 
Organisational assistance & PR: Leonid Motz

Originally produced by Margit Wolfsberger and Mischa Hendel for Radio Orange. Remixed by Leonid Motz.

Funded by the Cultural Department (MA7) of the City of Vienna.