Episode 46: Sea, Sex and Tourism in Socialist Yugoslavia

Who were the Yugoslav Casanovas of mass tourism? What are the practices of othering and meanings behind romantic and sexual encounters of local young men and foreign female tourists in the Yugoslav Adriatic? In this episode, Anita Buhin tells Jelena Đureinović about so-called galebovi (seagulls) in socialist Yugoslavia and various economic, cultural and social aspects of this phenomenon, typical for the broader Mediterranean region and the development of mass tourism.

Dr. Anita Buhin is a cultural historian of socialist Yugoslavia in the Mediterranean context whose work focuses on the relations between popular culture and tourism. She is a postdoctoral researcher at the Institute of Contemporary History at the NOVA University of Lisbon and holds a PhD from the European University Institute. Her book Yugoslav Socialism ‘Flavoured with Sea, Flavoured with Salt’: Mediterranization of Yugoslav Popular Culture in the 1950s and 1960s under Italian Influences was published with Srednja Europa in Zagreb in 2022.