Yuanyuan Ning (宁苑源)
Associated Researcher

Yuanyuan Ning (宁苑源)
Associated Researcher

Research interests:

  • Foreign Marxism
  • Market Socialism Theory
  • Chinese Economic Reform Thought
  • Socialist Economic Reform in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe

Current research project:

Economic Reform Thoughts in Soviet-Eastern European Socialist Countries—A Chinese Perspective

Thoughts of socialist reform in European countries started since Lenin’s New Economic Policy, as a response to previous radical “Wartime Communism”, which contained a wealth of economic reform thoughts. Since the late 1940s, thoughts and experiements spread all over the eastern part of Europe for all kinds of reasons: first in Yugoslavia, then since the death of Joseph Stalin in 1953 they emerged in the Soviet Union and eastern European countries, and all of them happened in such a complex situation that caused great historical significances. The means and degree of the reforms are different, but the purpose and direction of the economic reforms are enhancing the role of the market in economic development, that is, to solve the problem of government power in socialist enterprises. Even though these European thoughts of socialist reform did not produce a deep socio-economic restructure like what happened in 1980s’ China, they were really the objectives that China observed, modelled, and absorbed with great interests and efforts in the early 1980s.

The project combines global history and literature research methods and based on the theory of market socialism, it analyzes the history of reform in the Soviet Union and Eastern European socialist countries from the emergence and development of market socialism and its position and nature in the history of socialist reform. Guided by the Marxist materialism of history, the project takes Marxist theory as the methodological basis, sorts out socialist reform thoughts and makes a summary of the lessons learned from socialist reform practices. On this basis, Soviet-Eastern European economic reform thoughts will be compared with Chinese reform thoughts by combining Chinese socialist reform thoughts and practices, and the socialist reform thoughts will be summarized. After analyzing similarities and differences between them, we will summarize the regular understanding of socialist reform thoughts, and put our key point on the reference value of Soviet-Eastern European reform thoughts to deepen China’s reform.

Selected publications:

Exploration of the Spiritual Poverty Alleviation of Impoverished College Students in Universities based on the Concept of Targeted Poverty Alleviation. Journal of Administrative Science Forum,2022

The research of Xi Jinping Thought on targeted poverty alleviation, Hangzhou Normal University, 2018

Exploration of the meaning of the Green Development. High School Student Herald - Teaching Research,2017

Analysis of Chinese Modernization Road Combining Market and Government Function.(submitted).