Dr. Benedikt Schönborn
Associated Researcher

Dr. Benedikt Schönborn
Associated Researcher

Benedikt Schönborn researches European history since World War II with a special interest in peace-related aspects. He earned his PhD in International Relations and Contemporary History from the Universities of Geneva and Paris-Sorbonne. From 2012 until 2020, he was a senior researcher, lecturer and associate professor at the Tampere Peace Research Institute and the Institute for Advanced Social Research at Tampere University, Finland. He is also a former visiting fellow at the University of Jyväskylä, the Berlin Center for Cold War Studies, the Luxembourg Centre for Contemporary and Digital History, and the Norwegian Nobel Institute.

Research interests: 

•   East-West relations and the Cold War
•   anti-war protests
•   German and French foreign policies
•   reconciliation and peacebuilding
•   nuclear weapons and European security
•   transatlantic relations

Current research project:

‘No Euroshima!’ Anti-war protest as experience of social transformation

Massive protest demonstrations against war and nuclear weapons shook Europe in the early 1980s. These anti-war movements are often seen as a by-product of the last major crisis of the Cold War or even as an extension of superpower politics.

No Euroshima! explores anti-war protest from the viewpoint of the protesters and analyses the peace demonstrations of the early 1980s as individual and collective events contributing to a societal and political transformation from below. The project focuses on anti-war protest in countries adjacent to the Iron Curtain, notably Austria and Finland, and will expand to the peace movements in the former East Germany and West Germany by way of transnational comparison. Combining historical and social science approaches, No Euroshima! utilises the currently evolving methodological framework of ‘history of experience’.

Selected publications: 

Reconciliation Road: Willy Brandt, Ostpolitik and the Quest for European Peace. Oxford and New York: Berghahn Books, 2020.

La mésentente apprivoisée: de Gaulle et les Allemands, 1963-1969. Geneva and Paris: Graduate Institute Publications / PUF, 2014. Prix Jean-Baptiste Duroselle.

Transatlantic Relations Since 1945: An Introduction (with J.M. Hanhimäki and B. Zanchetta). London and New York: Routledge, 2012.