Film Screening: “Ukrainian Sheriffs” with film director Roman Bondarchuk

Venue: Alte Kapelle on the Campus (

In the country with the biggest police force in Europe, Ukraine, there is a lack of policemen in rural communities, therefore villagers of Stara Zburievka village have found a solution. They chose two local men - the smartest and the strongest - to take care of the public order. Villagers give them power, a car, and shiny tokens and name them "sheriffs". Sometimes wild and violent, the other times awkward and funny, sheriffs' actions, according to the village community, are always fair. However, the recent political events taking place in Ukraine have changed the situation in Stara Zburievka village, too. Will the sheriffs' activities, which started as a protest to the existing corrupted system, be able to cope with the new, complex and revolutionary transition? The "Ukrainian Sheriffs" is a kind, funny, and sometimes shocking story about average Ukrainians who take action and build their own, let's say idealistic, country model combining wildness and kindness, immorality and humanity. It is a film that telling a story of one village tells a story about the whole country.