Europe vs. Europe: Social, Neoliberal and Industrial Europe

In this seminar, Professor Warlouzet will talk about his upcoming book, to be published in January 2022 in French and entitled "Europe vs. Europe. Social, neoliberal and industrial Europe". It deals with the history of European economic and social policies since 1945.

Laurent Warlouzet is professor at Paris Sorbonne University, chair of European history. A former postdoctoral fellow at the European University Institute and at the London School of Economics, he has published a book entitled "Governing Europe in a Globalized World. Neolibearlism and its Alternatives after 1973" (Routledge 2018, reviewed in Foreign Affairs). Based on British, French, German and EU archives, it explores the debate between social- democratic, neoliberal and neomercantilist policies in Western Europe between 1973 and 1986. He has also published on the history of competition and industrial policies.