CENTRAL Workshop: Commodities, Trade, and Materiality in the Global Cold War

Room: Seminar room 1 (ground floor).
Street address: Berggasse 7, 1090 Wien.

How can the history of the Cold War and its aftermath be told through the goods and technologies that were traded at the time? This workshop brings global, social and economic historians into conversation with sociologists to ask what material objects can reveal about historical transformations, such as the ones that took place in Central and Eastern Europe around 1989. It maps how commodity flows, as well as the people involved in the production and trade of these items, came to shape and be shaped by changing legal regimes, competing development models, and shifting transnational alliances. Moreover, it interrogates how such exchanges live on in the technologies and ideas that circulate today.

Czechoslovak and British arms experts swapping expertise shortly after 1989 (Lubomír Popelínský, Cestování za zbraněmi. Prague: Naše vojsko, 2001)

A preliminary program will be published soon.

Planned presentations:

Science to Byt: The Urban Landscapes of Knowledge in the Cold War USSR
Transformative Seminar, Dr. Alexey Golubev